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Well, here we go... keeping up with the 21st century on a blog (!), with a store full of a good part of the past 50-100 years :)  It will be a  work in progress for a bit!

Something for everyone...

Looking for a wide variety of Antiques to browse through?  

Because AOTP rents booth space to a diverse amount of vendors, there are a huge variety of items that come in the store.  Believe it or not you will even find one vendor offering hand built coffins at the back!!!  We have primitive tools, furniture, coins, clothing, glass, pottery, bicycles, you name it, all at affordable small town prices! 

You never know what you will find on consignment.  Call Stan if you are searching out a particular item.  He's very resourceful at networking and "connecting the dots".

Because Antiques on the Prairie is located in a large, old grocery store, there was a unique advantage to develop a commercial kitchen, adjacent to the shop area.  It is complete with a large walk in cooler, kettle cookers, & prep tables.  Perhaps you have tried Senor Stans salsa (no relation to the owner :).  Is produced and bottled here, and the heady aroma of peppers and tomatoes wafts through the shop on days that they are preparing batches.  Stan Vickers rents this space to individuals and start up companies.  Call him for more info if you have a food product you are interested in producing.

Bit of Baldwin history...

Brick streets. Champion bricklayer, Oneida Indian Jim Garfield Brown completed laying bricks for High Street and around the Baker campus in 1926. It is said that he could lay bricks faster than eight men could bring them to him. He averaged four rows across High Street in two minutes and ten seconds.

If you would like more info about points of interest in Baldwin City, visit...

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